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JCR Special Issue #51_EUMARSAND Cover, Table of Contents, & Acknowledgements 5285
European Marine Sand and Gravel Resources: Evaluation and Environmental Impacts of Extraction - an Introduction Wendy M.I. Bonne 4668
European marine aggregates resources: Origins, usage, prospecting and dredging techniques Adonis F. Velegrakis, Arnaud Ballay, Serafim E. Poulos, Rolandas Radzevičius, Valérie K. Bellec, and Faustino Manso 4645
Marine Aggregate Extraction Regulation in EU Member States Rolandas Radzevičius, Adonis F. Velegrakis, Wendy M.I. Bonne, Stella Kortekaas, Erwan Garel, Nerijus Blažauskas, and Regina Asariotis 4964
Morphodynamic models used for studying the impacts of offshore aggregate extraction: a review Déborah Idier, Saskia Hommes, Christophe Brière, Pieter Roos, Dirk-Jan R. Walstra, Michiel A.F. Knaapen, and Suzanne J.M.H. Hulscher 4853
Aggregate extraction from tidal sandbanks: is dredging with nature an option? Introduction Vera R.M. Van Lancker, Wendy M.I. Bonne, Adonis F. Velegrakis, and Michael B. Collins 4495
Geo-environmental Characterization of the Kwinte Bank Valérie K. Bellec, Vera R.M. Van Lancker, Koen Degrendele, Marc Roche, and Sophie Le Bot 4475
Morphological Evolution of the Kwinte Bank Central Depression Before and After Cessation of Aggregate Extraction Koen Degrendele, Marc Roche, Patrik Schotte, Vera R.M. Van Lancker, Valérie K. Bellec, and Wendy M.I. Bonne 4108
Tidally-averaged Currents and Bedload Transport over the Kwinte Bank, Southern North Sea Erwan Garel 5079
A Grain-Size Trend Analysis for the Determination of Non-Biogenic Sediment Transport Pathways on the Kwinte Bank (southern North Sea), in Relation to Sand Dredging Serafim E. Poulos and Arnaud Ballay 4323
Modelling the Effects of Sand Extraction on Sediment Transport due to Tides on the Kwinte Bank Dries Van den Eynde, Alessio Giardino, Jesús Portilla, Michael Fettweis, Frederic Francken, and Jaak Monbaliu 3339
Modelling the Morphodynamics of the Kwinte Bank, Subject to Sand Extraction Christophe Brière, Pieter C. Roos, Erwan Garel, and Suzanne J.M.H. Hulscher 3654
Wave effects on the morphodynamic evolution of an offshore sand bank Alessio Giardino, Dries Van den Eynde, and Jaak Monbaliu 3855
Macrobenthos characteristics and distribution following intensive sand extraction on a subtidal sandbank Wendy M.I. Bonne 3586
Recommendations for the sustainable exploitation of tidal sandbanks Vera R.M. Van Lancker, Wendy M.I. Bonne, Erwan Garel, Koen Degrendele, Marc Roche, Dries Van den Eynde, Valérie K. Bellec, Christophe Brière, Michael B. Collins, and Adonis F. Velegrakis 3294
Aggregate Resources And Extraction In The Baltic Sea – An Introduction Klaus Schwarzer 3762
Last Quaternary Evolution of Gravel Deposits in Tromper Wiek, Southwestern Baltic Sea Valérie K. Bellec, Markus Diesing, and Klaus Schwarzer 3607
Nearshore dredging in the Baltic Sea: Condition after cessation of activities and assessment of regeneration Faustino Manso, Rolandas Radzevicius, Nerijus Blažauskas, Arnaud Ballay, and Klaus Schwarzer 3197
Wave-Induced Sand Re-suspension At Dredged Gravel Pits Based Upon Hydrodynamic Measurements (Tromper Wiek, Baltic Sea) Erwan Garel and Alice Lefebvre 3139
Assessment of the Effects of Marine Aggregate Extraction on the Coastline: an Example from the German Baltic Sea coast Stella Kortekaas, Ingrida Bagdanaviciute, Paolo Gyssels, Jose M. Alonso Huerta, and Arnaud Héquette 3400
The Physical and Biological Impact of Sand Extraction: a Case Study in the Western Baltic Sea Jochen C. Krause, Markus Diesing, and Günther Arlt 4201

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