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The Coastal Education and Research Foundation (CERF) is a nonprofit scientific society dedicated to the advancement of the coastal sciences and is devoted to the multi-disciplinary study of complex problems within and around the coastal zone. Our goal is to help translate and interpret coastal issues for the public and to assist in the development of professional coastal research programs. Our coastal research society specifically supports and encourages field and laboratory studies on a local, national, and international basis.

Through the mediums of renowned scientific papers, book and encyclopedia series, our monthly society newsletter (Just CERFing), and the world wide web, CERF disseminates the latest research information to professors, specialists, researchers, and the general public in an effort to maintain or improve the quality of our planet's coastal resources.

We encourage you to navigate through our website and explore the many benefits and opportunities that CERF has to offer. One such benefit to CERF members is the internationally acclaimed, Journal of Coastal Research (JCR), which offers the most current published research from today's top coastal scientists.

JCR 39(1); Jan 2023

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