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#42-The Sun, Earth, and Moon: A Tribute to Rhodes W. Fairbridge (2005) [Finkl]


 -This JCR Special Issue is dear to our hearts, as it is dedicated to one of the founding members of the Coastal Education & Research Foundation [CERF], Dr. Rhodes W. Fairbridge. The Forward of this JCR Special Issue is prepared by Rhodes himself, who provides interesting and personal perspectives on the historical development of the sun-earth-moon perceptions by pharaohs, priests, astronomers, physicists, meteorologists, and yes, even geologists. The title of this volume is fitting, as the papers touch on almost every biophysical coastal process except those that are anthropogenically produced. This is a must have for anyone's scientific library, as the reader is thrust into the complex intertwining webs of human history, astronomical cycles, global oscillatory phenomena, and coastal processes. Dr. Charles W. Finkl, CERF's President and Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Coastal Research, served as both the editor and contributor for this Special Issue.


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