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ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Application of a Statistical Method to investigate patterns of beach evolution in the vicinity of a seawall J.M. Horrillo-Caraballo and D.E. Reeve 1065
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Quantification of sediment loss from semi-sheltered beaches: a case study of Valgerand Beach, Pärnu Bay, the Baltic Sea K. Kartau, T. Soomere and H. Tonisson 1106
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Destruction of intertidal bar morphology during a summer storm surge event: Example of positive morphodynamic feedback G. Masselink, T. Aagaard, and A. Kroon 1066
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Video-monitoring of a barred nourished beach (Latium, Central Italy) L. Parlagreco, R. Archetti, U. Simeoni, S. Devoti, A. Valentini, S. Silenzi 1316
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Influence of high-energy conditions on beach changes in tide-dominated (Amazon, Brazil) and wave dominated (NSW, Australia) coastal environments L.C.C. Pereira, A. Vila-Concejo, W. N. Trindade and A. D. Short 965
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Dynamic of a meso to macro-tidal double barred beach: Inner bar response C. Péron and N. Sénéchal 1242
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Coupled behaviour within a double sandbar system T.D. Price, J. Rutten and B.G. Ruessink 1388
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Grain size effects on suspended sediment concentration profiles under breaking waves M. Ribeiro, R. Taborda, J. Cascalho, I. Bosnic, A. Oliveira, A. Rodrigues and P. Freire 1092
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Coastal Circulation along the Southern Metropolitan Region of Recife, Northeastern Brazil. M. Rollnic, C. Medeiros, and I. Freitas 1135
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Physical modeling of cross-shore beach morphodynamics under waves and tides A. Saleh Salem, A. Jarno-Druaux and F. Marin 1210
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Surf hydrodynamics in front of collapsing coastal dunes F. Sancho, T. Abreu, F. D’Alessandro, G.R. Tomasicchio and P. A. Silva 1281
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Measurements and Analysis of Storm Induced Short-Term Morphological Changes in the Western Black Sea E. Trifonova , N. Valchev, N. Andreeva , P. Eftimova , and I. Kotsev 1102
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Environment Monitoring on Coastal Sediment by Using Digital Camera Images at Narugashima in Awaji Island, Japan K. Uno, G. Tsujimoto and T. Kakinoki 1174
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Comparisons of acoustic and optical sensors for suspended sediment concentration measurements under non-homogeneous solutions M.I. Vousdoukas, S. Aleksiadis, C. Grenz, and R. Verney 1099
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Fast-ferry Generated Waves in South-West Tallinn Bay D. Kurennoy, K.E. Parnell and T. Soomere 1189
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Medium term behavior and evolution of a beach cusps system in a low energy beach, Port Stephens, NSW, Australia J. Benavente, D.L. Harris, T.P. Austin and A. Vila-Concejo 1046
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Backbarrier evolution at a medium-term scale A.R. Carrasco, Ó. Ferreira, A. Matias, P. Freire and J.A. Dias 1368
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Morphodynamic classification of sandy beaches in enclosed basins: the case study of Alimini (Italy) I. Lisi, M.G. Molfetta, M.F. Bruno, M. Di Risio and L. Damiani 1055
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Short-term morphodynamic changes in a fetch limited beach at the Ebro delta (Spain), under low wave energy conditions C. Mösso, J. P. Sierra, V. Gracia, M. Mestres and A. Rodriguez 1090
ICS 2011 (Poland); JCR SI #64_ Estuarine beach evolution in relation to a flood-tide delta A. Vila-Concejo, T.P. Austin, D.L. Harris, M.G. Hughes, A.D. Short and R. Ranasinghe 1252

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