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Tsunami vulnerability zonation in the Algarve coast (Portugal) M. Nunes, Ó. Ferreira and J. Luís 2484
Imposex in a touristic area in Southeastern Brazilian coast I. Pessoa, M. Fernandez, R. Toste, M. Dore and M. Parahyba 1879
Environmental Sensitivity of the Portuguese Coast in the Scope of Oil Spill Events – Comparing Different Assessment Approaches C.F. Santos and F. Andrade 1920
Rip current variability and hazard along a macro-tidal coast T. Scott, P. Russell, G. Masselink and A. Wooler 1908
Flood Risk Assessment in Coastal Drainage Basins through a Multivariate Analysis within a GIS-Based Model C. R. de Gouveia Souza 1682
Geochemical beach sediments studies – a contribution to a standard definition useful for public health J. M. Vidinha, F. Rocha, E. Silva, C. Patinha and C. Andrade 1930
The Role of Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies on the Storm Track Behaviour During South Hemisphere Summer A.M.C. Carmo and E.B. de Souza 1651
An Integrated Prediction Model of Wave Groups and their Associated Long Waves in the Coupling Field of Surf and Breaking Zones on Bar-Type Beache M.R. Akbarpour Jannat and T. Asano 1573
Modelling the Impact of an Intake Structure on the Coastal Morphology at Az-Zour Area-Kuwait Faisal Al-Hulail 1782
Numerical Study of the Hydrodynamics of aVery Shallow Estuarine System - Coombabah Lake, Gold Coast, Australia A. Ali, H. Zhang and C.J. Lemckert 1710
Accurate Prediction of Wave-induced Seabed Liquefaction at Shallow depths using Multi-Artificial Neural Networks D.H. Cha, H. Zhang, M. Blumenstein and D.S. Jeng 1766
The Value of Different Modelling Approaches to Investigate Estuarine Morphodynamics K.M. Cronin, R.J.N. Devoy and J. Gault 1837
Hydrodynamic, Water Quality and Sediment Transport Modeling of Estuarine and Coastal Waters on the Gold Coast Australia S. Davies, H. Mirfenderesk, R. Tomlinson and S. Szylkarski 1514
Effect of Sea Level Rise in Tidal Inlet Evolution: A Numerical Modelling Approach D.M.P.K. Dissanayake, R. Ranasinghe and J.A. Roelvink 1732
Littoral Transport Rates in the Santa Barbara Littoral Cell: A Process-Based Model Analysis E.P.L. Elias, P.L. Barnard and J. Brocatus 2072
First Results of a Long Term Morphodynamic Process Based Model S. Gabriel and F. Martins 2038
Joint Use of GPR and ERI to Image the Subsoil Structure in a Sandy Coastal Environment D. Gomez-Ortiz, M. Pereira, T. Martin-Crespo, F.I. Rial, A. Novo, H. Lorenzo and J.R. Vidal 2035
The Effect of Deep Waterway Constructions on Hydrodynamics and Salinities in Yangtze Estuary, China K. Hu and P. Ding 1712
Application of Artificial Neural Networks to Groundwater Dynamics In Coastal Aquifers A. Joorabchi, H. Zhang and M. Blumenstein 1695
Rapid Estimate of Sediment Loss for “Almost Equilibrium” Beaches A. Kask, T. Soomere, T. Healy and N. Delpeche 1728

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