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Stratigraphic Insights from Sedimentary Peels of Littoral Estuarine Depositional Systems C. Barrett-Mold, H. Burningham and J.R. French 2051
Historical Seabed Mobility in an Outer Estuary - Sea Basin Environment H. Burningham and J. R. French 2226
Late Holocene Beach Evolution: Sediment Starvation under a Falling Sea Level J.A.G. Cooper, D.W.T. Jackson and J.T. Kelley 2036
Long- and Short-term Progradation of a Regressive Barrier in Southern Brazil S.R. Dillenburg and E.G. Barboza 2186
Quantifying Shoreline Changes along the Sefton Coast (UK) and the Implications for Research-Informed Coastal Management L. S. Esteves, J. J. Williams, A. Nock and G. Lymbery 2838
The Morpho-dynamics of a Beach Protected by Detached Breakwaters in a High Energy Tidal Environment I. Fairley, M. Davidson and K. Kingston 1999
Morphological Evolution of the Óbidos Lagoon (Western Coast of Portugal) Since the Holocene Transgressive Maximum T. Ferreira, R. Ramos, M. C. Freitas and C. Andrade 2135
Variability and Evolution of Shallow Continental Shelf Systems off Rio de Janeiro State, Santos Basin – Brazil F. P. Fleming, R. M. C. Maia, A. T. Reis, E. C. Alves, C. Gorini, C. G. Silva and J. V. Guerra 1862
Episodes of Coastal Erosion in the Second Half of the XIX Century and it’s Relation with the Development of the Coast for Bathing use – the Cases of Espinho, Nazaré and Ericeira Joana Gaspar de Freitas 1870
Climatic-related factors controlling the sedimentary architecture of a Barrier-Lagoon complex in the context of the Holocene transgression R. González-Villanueva, M. Pérez-Arlucea, I. Alejo and R. Goble 1940
Surveys at the Coast of Paraná, Brazil, to Determinate the Temporal Coastal Changes C.P. Krueger, R.M. Gonçalves and B. Heck 2105
Foreshore and hydrodynamic factors governing overwash A. Matias, Ó. Ferreira, A. Vila-Concejo, B. Morris and J. A. Dias 2199
An Investigation of the Change in Tidal Signal in an Estuary as a Result of Sea Level Rise and Development at Short-Medium Time Scale H. Mirfenderesk and R. Tomlinson 2087
Preliminary Results on Holocene Sea-level changes on Ceará Coast / Brazil J. O. Morais, G. F. Irion, L. S. Pinheiro and J. Kasbohm 2070
Nearshore Sediments and Coastal Evolution of Paraíba do Sul River Delta, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil V.C. Murillo, C.G. Silva and G.B. Fernandez 2153
Development of Aeolian Coastal Landscapes on the Island of Hiiumaa, Estonia R. Rivis, K. Vilumaa and U. Ratas 2147
The Simple Decisions of Complex Problems or How to Save One More of Three Aral Seas Y. K. Rysbekov 2060
Numerical Modeling of Suspended Cohesive Sediment Transport and Mud Profile Deformation M. Soltanpour and S. M. H. Jazayeri 2245
Sediment Dynamics on an Inner Shelf Shoal During Storm Events in the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico, USA Amy L. Spaziani, Felix Jose and Gregory W. Stone 1999
Coastline Evolution at Esmoriz-Furadouro Stretch (Portugal) F. Taveira-Pinto, J. Pais-Barbosa and F. Veloso-Gomes 2162

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