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Experimental Stability Analysis of Geotextile Sand-filled Containers for Dune Erosion Control L. das Neves, M.L. Lopes, F. Veloso-Gomes and F. Taveira-Pinto 2629
Shoaling and Runup of Long Waves Induced By High-Speed Ferries in Tallinn Bay I. Didenkulova, K. E. Parnell, T. Soomere, E. Pelinovsky and D. Kurennoy 2513
Wave Overtopping of a Typical Coastal Structure of the Portuguese Coast Using A SPH Model E. Didier and M.G. Neves 2524
Testing of Armourstone for the Purpose of Durability: A Case Study from Two Rubble Mound Breakwaters (Mersin, TURKEY) B. Ertas Deniz and T. Topal 2401
On The Prediction of Wave Parameters Using Simplified Methods A. Etemad-Shahidi, M.H. Kazeminezhad and S.J. Mousavi 2500
Characteristics of Tsunami Behaviors around a Circular Island T. Ha and Y.-S. Cho 2903
Numerical Study of Breakwater Steepness Effect on the Hydrodynamics of Standing Waves and Steady Streaming F. Hajivalie and A. Yeganeh-Bakhtiary 2597
Variability in the Properties of Wakes Generated by High-Speed Ferries D. Kurennoy, T. Soomere and K.E. Parnell 2522
Tides in Torres Strait C. J. Lemckert, J. Zier and J. Gustafson 2942
Impact of a Dredged Sandpit on Tidal and Wave Hydrodynamics V. Lopes, P.A. Silva, X. Bertin, A.B. Fortunato and A. Oliveira 2787
Wave Overtopping of Coastal Structures. Physical Model versus Desktop Predictions A. Mariani, M.J. Blacka, R.J. Cox, I.R. Coghlan and J.T. Carley 2657
Wave Overtopping of a Porous Structure: Numerical and Physical Modeling M.T. Reis, M.G. Neves and K. Hu 2651
Coupling Numerical Models for Wave Propagation in the MOIA Package J. A. Santos, L. Guilherme, C. J. Fortes, L. Pinheiro and A. Simões 3107
Effect of the Bathymetric Changes on the Hydrodynamic and Residence Time in Óbidos Lagoon (Portugal) Madalena S. Malhadas, Adélio Silva, Paulo C. Leitão and Ramiro Neves 3109
Development of N-Line Numerical Model Considering the Effects of Beach Nourishments Y. Shibutani, M. Kuroiwa, Y. Matsubara, M. Kim and M. Abualtaef 2901
Intercomparison of Sediment Transport Formulas in Current and Combined Wave-Current Conditions P. A. Silva, X. Bertin, A.B. Fortunato and A. Oliveira 3012
Influence of Threshold Value on Peak over Threshold Method on the Predicted Extreme Significant Wave Heights in Kuwaiti Territorial Waters S. Neelamani 3203
Physical and Numerical Study of “Breaker Types” Over an Artificial Reef M. Ten Voorde, J.S. Antunes do Carmo, M.G. Neves and A. Mendonça 3003
Holocene Paleoenvironmental Evolution of the Lisbon Downtown Area as Recorded in the Esteiro da Baixa Sediments – First Results I. M. Almeida, C. Andrade, M. C. Freitas, J. Moreno, M. C. Cabral, S. C. Craveiro and F. M. S. F. Marques 2021
Ground-penetrating Radar Profiles of Two Holocene Regressive Barriers in Southern Brazil E.G. Barboza, S.R. Dillenburg, M.L.C.C. Rosa, L.J. Tomazelli and P.A. Hesp 2397

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