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A study on sediment transport inside and outside a permeable submerged breakwater with the macroscopic turbulence model. G. Tsujimoto, T. Kakinoki, Y. Hamaura, T. Shigematsu and K. Uno. Pg 206-210 1821
The use of video systems to measure run-up on beaches. S. A. Salmon, K. R. Bryan and G. Coco. Pg 211-215 2210
Clay minerals_ A mineralogical tool to distinguish beach from dune sediments. J. Vidinha, F. Rocha, C. Andrade, C. Gomes and C. Freitas. Pg 216-220 1971
Long waves and beach profile evolutions. H. Michallet, F. Grasso and E. Barthelemy. Pg 221-225 2636
Reactivation of coastal dunes documented by subsurface imaging of the Great Dune Ridge, Lithuania. I. Buynevich, A. Bitinas and D. Pupienis. Pg 226-230 1988
Wet dune slacks, sea-level and coastal evolution in the south-western Portuguese façade. M. C. Freitas, C. Andrade, T. Ferreira, A. Cruces and M. F. Araujo. Pg 231-236 1926
Short term backshore processes under wave and wind actions. K. Udo and S. Yamawaki. Pg 237-241 2252
Climate change impacts on entrance processes of intermittently open & closed coastal lagoons in NSW, Australia. P. E. Haines and B. G. Thom. Pg 242-246 1897
Possible changes in hydrodynamic regime in the Estonian coastal waters (the Baltic Sea) as a result of changes in wind climate. U. Suursaar, T. Kullas and T. Kuusik. Pg 247-252 1734
Projecting future changes in wave climate and coastal response in Portugal by the end of the 21st Century. C. Andrade, H. O. Pires, R. Taborda and M. C. Freitas. Pg 253-257 2060
Inter-Connection between the Atlantic Ocean and a Coastal System, the Ria de Vigo (NW Spain), during the Late Holocene. V. Martins, P. Goncalves, C. Sequeira, J. Jouanneau, O. Weber and F. Rocha. Pg 258-262 1634
Dynamic numerical simulation of medium term coastal evolution of the west coast of Portugal. R. Silva, C. Coelho, F. Veloso-Gomes and F. Taveira-Pinto. Pg 263-267 2191
Study on the effect of morphology change on salinity distribution in the Dinh An Estuary, lower Mekong River of Vietnam. T. V. Nguyen and H. Tanaka. Pg 268-272 2086
Hydrodynamic impact assessment of coastal reclamation project in semi-enclosed bay. J-H. Zheng, J. Zhou, J-Y. Liang and J-Y. Lin. Pg 273-276 2100
Numerical modelling of tidal dynamic and water circulation at the Gold Coast Broadwater, Australia. H. Mirfenderesk and R. Tomlinson. Pg 277-281 1889
Estimating water renewal time in semi-enclosed coastal areas of complicated geometry using a hydrodynamic model. A. I. Stamou, C. Memos and K. Spanoudaki. Pg 282-286 1974
Application of artificial neural networks in flow discharge prediction for the Fitzroy River, Australia. A. Joorabchi, H. Zhang and M. Blumenstein. Pg 287-291 1996
Homotopy analysis of 1D unsteady, nonlinear groundwater flow through porous media. H. Song and L.Tao. Pg 292-296 1934
Turbulent measurements in the surf zone suspension. D. Hurther, H. Michallet and X. Gondran. Pg 297-301 2082
Temporal variation of graded suspended sediment concentration in the surf zone. S. Kato, S. Aoki and H. Torii. Pg 302-306 2054

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