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Numerical analysis of stem waves along a vertical wall. J. I. Lee and Y. T. Kim. Pg 1101-1105 2370
Measuring coastline morphodynamics using video-based techniques at Haeundae Beach, South Korea. H.S. Yoon, T.S. Kang, S.Y. Nam, J.T. Kim, and J.H. Park. Pg 1106-1111 2001
Morphological Change at Byunsan Beach, West Coast of Korea_ 14-years Monitoring During the Saemangum Reclamation Project. J.Y. Choi and D.I. Lim. Pg 1112-1115 1924
Use and occupation in Braganca Littoral, Brazillian Amazon. L. C. C. Pereira, D. O. Guimaraes, R. M. Costa and P. W. M. Souza Filho. Pg 1116-1120 1923
Local and Global Influences on the Evolution of a Transgressive Sand Barrier_ Cies Barrier, Northwest Spain. S. Costas and I. Alejo. Pg 1121-1125 1905
Using the Magnitude Method to Forecast Damage to Maritime Structures Caused by Typhoon 9918. R. Hashimura. Pg 1126-1131 1828
Direct Measurement of Bottom Shear Stress under Water Waves. Zai-Jin You and B.S. Yin. Pg 1132-1136 2476
Influence of an artificial channel in a well-preserved sub-tropical estuary. J.J. Barrera-Alba, S.M.F. Gianesella, F.M.P. Saldanha-Corrêa and G.A.O. Moser. Pg 1137-1141 2538
A laboratory study of dilute suspension mud floc characteristics in an oscillatory diffusive turbulent flow. N. Gratiot and A. J. Manning. Pg 1142-1146 2016
An Analytical Study on Heavy Siltation in the Keum River Estuary after the Construction of a Dyke. J.Y. Lee and J.L. Lee. Pg 1147-1151 1913
Scaling coastal upwelling features of the East Australian Current. R.S. Lee, S.L. Wallace, C. Holden and K.P. Black. Pg 1152-1162 2254
Shoreline Change of the Mucuripe Harbour Zones (Fortaleza-Ceará, Northeast of Brazil) 1972 - 2003, M.O. Bezerra, L. Pinheiro and J.O.Morais Pg 1163-1167 2189
Simulation of Inundation at Imwon port during 1983 Central East Sea Tsunami. Yong-Sik Cho, Dae-Hee Sohn and Sung-Min Kim. Pg 1168-1172 2011
In-situ observation of aggregate dynamics in a tidal channel using acoustics, laser diffraction and optics. Christian Winter et al., Pg 1173-1177 1909
Coastal Marine Mapping as an Ecosystem Based Management - the case study of the Baixada Santista Region - São Paulo, Brazil. S. M. Sartor, M.F.P. Hans, L. Palm, L.M. Sartor and A.L. Leão, Pg 1178-1182 1755
A Higher-order Two-dimensional Boussinesq Wave Model. B. Ataie-Ashtiani and A. Najafi-Jilan, Pg 1183-1187 2185

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