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Morphology change by overwash_ Establishing and evaluating predictors. C. Donnelly. Pg 520-526 2893
Modelling of storm surge in the coastal waters of Yangtze Estuary and Hangzhou Bay, China. K. Hu, P. Ding and J. Ge. Pg 527-533 2456
Impact of storms on beach erosion_ Broadbeach (Gold Coast, Australia). B. Castelle, I. L. Turner, B. G. Ruessink and R. B. Tomlinson. Pg 534-539 2417
Impact of storms along the coastline of Emilia-Romagna_ The morphological signature on the Ravenna coastline (Italy). P. Ciavola, C. Armaroli, J. Chiggiato, A. Valentini, M. Deserti, L. Perini and P. Luciani. Pg 540-544 2141
A fast forecasting system of typhoon generated waves. J. L. Lee and D. Y. Lee. Pg 545-549 2808
Hydrodynamic atlas for the Arabian Gulf. K. Rakha, K. Al-Salem and S. Neelamani. Pg 550-554 3117
Numerical study on the coastal upwelling and its seasonal variation in the East China Sea. Z. Y. Jing, Z. L. Hua, Y. Q. Qi ans X. H. Cheng. Pg 555-563 2448
Physical study of the southern coastal waters of the Caspian Sea, off Babolsaar, Mazandaran in Iran. N. H. Zaker, P. Ghaffari and S. Jamshidi. Pg 564-569 2460
Modelling the circulation and transport processes in a coastal area where bays interact with an upwelling centre. C. Carbonel and A. Galeao. Pg 570-575 2416
The influence of East Australian Current eddy field on phytoplankton dynamics in the coastal zone. R. S. Lee, T. R. Pritchard, P. A. Ajani and K. P. Black. Pg 576-584 2705
Lifting up the flap or why quantitative beach behaviour predictive modelling can't work. O. H. Pilkey and J. A. G. Cooper. Pg 585-587 2580
Beach erosion trend measurement_ A comparison of trend indicators. D. J. Hanslow. Pg 588-593 3043
Shoreface dynamics of two high energy beaches in Northern Ireland. J.T. Backstrom, D.W.T. Jackson and J.A.G. Cooper Pg 594-598 2454
Interpreting beach sedimentary dynamics between Troia and Sines (SW Portugal) using heavy minerals and textural analyses. P. Miranda, C. Jesus, C. Bernardes and F. Rocha. Pg 599-603 2285
Pocket beach vulnerability to sea-level rise. C. Brunel and F. Sabatier. Pg 604-609 3105
Intermittent backbeach discharge to the surfzone_ modes and geomorphologic implications.. S. A. Figueiredo, P. Cowell and A. Short. Pg 610-614 2718
Measured cross-shore and vertical variations in grain size, sorting and composition in suspended sediments transported by longshore currents. L. S. Esteves, J. J. Williams, M. A. Lisniowski and H. Perotto. Pg 615-619 2555
Determination of net shore-drift cells based on textural and morphological gradations along foreshore of sandy beaches. C. R. de Gouveia Souza. Pg 620-625 2375
Morphological behaviour of headland-embayment and inlet associated beaches, Northwest Ireland. M. O’Connor, J. A. G. Cooper and D. W. T. Jackson. Pg 626-630 2544
Beach face morphology and surf beat sediment transport in the surf and swash zones. T. E. Baldock, P. Manoonyoravong and P. Kim Son. Pg 631-635 2628

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