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Structure and Succession of the Surf-Zone Phytoplankton In Cassino Beach, Southern Brazil L.R. Rörig, T.C. M. de Almeida, and V.M.T. Garcia 1842
Vegetative Propagation of the Dune Building Plant Ipomoea Pes-caprae for Use in Dune Rehabilitation Projects A. Gomes Neto, S.R.da Cunha, and E.L. Voigt 1971
Viability and Germination of Seeds and Initial Development of the Pioneer Dune Plant Ipomoea pes-caprae M. W. da Silva and E. L. Voigt 1985
Ecological Restoration of Coastal Sand Dunes in South Korea K.D. Kim and K. Ewing 2226
Catch Composition and Biodiversity Fish Community from Trawl Fishery Catches in the Central Mediterranean Sea S. Vitale, L. Cannizzaro, G. Bono, A.M. Beltrano, and A. Milazzo 1846
Analysis of Income Sources of Fishers’ Families on the Coast of the State of Paraná, Brazil L. M. M. Borges, G. C. Maulin, and J. M. Andriguetto 1700
Small-scale Fishing Landings on the Coast of the State of Paraná, Brazil, from 1975 to 2000, with Emphasis on Shrimp Data C. D. da Natividade, M. J. C. da F. Pereira, and J. M. Andriguetto 1741
Usage Patterns of an Artificial Reef by the Fish Community on the Northern Coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil D.S. Brotto, W. Krohling, S. Brum, and I.R. Zalmon 1930
Considerations about Ucides cordatus cordatus Fishing in the Parnaíba River Delta Region, Brazil J. F. A. Legat, R. I. Mota, A. Puchnick, C. Bittencourt, and W. S. Santana 2035
The Squid loligo plei around Santa Catarina Island, Southern Brazil: Ecology and Interactions with the Coastal Oceanographic Environment R.S. Martins, J.A.A. Perez, and C.A.F. Schettini 1725
Testing Open-Water Cultivation Techniques to Gracilaria domingensis (Rhodophyta, Gracilariales) in Santa Catarina, Brazil C. Y. Yoshimura, S. R. Cunha, and E. C. Oliveira 1953
Fishing for Responses: A Local Experts Consultation Approach on the Brazilian Sardine Fishery Sustainability M. A. Gasalla and S. L. S. Tutui 1825
Biological and Economic Subsidies for rational Exploration of the Sea-urchin Echinometra locunter (I., 1758) A.W.C. Marenzi, N.T. Tamaki and G.C. Manzoni 1838
Implementation of the Norm ABNT ISO 14001 in a Shrimp Farming Industry E. Campello and L.N. Costa 2261
Coastal Erosion on the Rio Grande do Norte State (Northeastern Brazil): Causes and Factors versus Effects and Associated Processes H.Vital, V.E. Amaro, and I.M. da Silveira 1902
Coastal Land-Loss Associated with Sea-Level Rise Assessed by Aerial Videotape-Assisted Vulnerability Analysis: The Case of Mainland Portugal M.C. Freitas, C. Andrade, C. Cachado, A.C. Cardoso, J. H. Monteiro, P. Brito, L. Rebelo 1790
Understanding Vulnerability of Coastal Communities to Climate Change Related Risks A.H. Dolan and I.J. Walker 2256
The Relantionship between Long-Term and Short-Term Morphodynamics in an Oceanic Sand Beach: Implications for fast Determination of Depositional and Erosional Sites M. Sperle, L. Bispo, C.N. Tadeu, and F. Belligotti 1674
Impact Assessment of Hurricane Isidore in the Yucatán Península: The Case of Campeche E. Rivera-Arriaga, and G.Villalobos-Zapata 1927
The Historical City of Paranaguá and the Garbage Problem S.E.V. de C. Ramos and M. Fuckner 2254

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