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Makowski, Finkl, & Vollmer_2016_Classification of Continental Shelves_Physio Realms and Morpho Zones_JCR 32(1) 1591
Finkl & Makowski_2015_Auto vs Cognitive Classifications_JCR 31(1) 1249
Finkl, Makowski, & Vollmer_2014_Advanced Techniques for Mapping Biophysical Environments_Coastal Research Library (Remote Sensing and Modeling, Vol. 9) 1520
Makowski, Finkl, & Rusenko_2013_Suitability of Recycled Glass Cullet as Artificial Dune Fill_JCR 29(4) 2092
Finkl & Makowski_2013_The Southeast Florida Coastal Zone (SFCZ): A Cascade of Natural, Biological, and Human-Induced Hazards_Coastal Research Library (Coastal Hazards, Vol. 6) 1391
Makowski, Finkl, & Rusenko_2011_Recycled Glass Beaches_JCR Special Issue No.64 3253
Makowski & Keyes_2011_BEAMR Coral Reef Assessment in the Gulf of Mexico_JCR 27(3) 3417
Finkl & Makowski_2010_Increasing Sustainability of Coastal Management_IJES 67(6) 3311
Makowski et al._2009_Emergence of Nearshore Reef Mitigation as Suitable Marine Habitats_Shore&Beach 77(3) 3074
Makowski et al_2009_The Benthic Ecological Assessment for Marginal Reefs (BEAMR) Method_JCR 25(2) 2999
Makowski, Rusenko, & Kruempel_2008_Abiotic Suitability of Recycled Glass Cullet_JCR 24(3) 3309
Makowski & Rusenko_2007_Recycled Glass Cullet as Alternative Beach Fill_JCR 23(3) 3328
Makowski, Fisher, & Kruempel_2006_Nearshore Green Turtle Population Estimates_Shore&Beach 74(2) 2987
Makowski, Seminoff, & Salmon_2006_Home Range and Habitat Use of Atlantic Green Turtles_Marine Biology 148 3098

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